Insights into the everyday tasks of trade fair construction

Trade fairs are important events for companies to present themselves, win new customers and do business. For a trade fair appearance to be successful, a well-planned and professionally implemented trade fair stand is required. In the following, we would like to give you an insight into the everyday tasks of a trade fair construction agency and how it ensures that your presence at the trade fair will be successful.

The inquiry

If you are planning to build a trade show booth, you should make sure that you provide the booth builder with all the necessary information from the very beginning. A comprehensive and accurate RFQ can help ensure that the work is done efficiently and accurately. In this regard, it is important to provide the booth builder with all the important information in order to design the booth in the best possible way. Be sure to mention the following points in the inquiry:

  1. trade fair name, location and duration: this information is important so that the stand builder can take into account the conditions on site.
  2. confirmed hall plan with stand dimensions: The hall plan gives the booth builder an idea of how much space is available to design the booth.
  3. booth equipment: It is important to provide the booth builder with an accurate list of desired equipment items. This includes kitchen equipment, lounge and meeting areas, outdoor areas, media equipment, remote recognition and other individual elements.
  4. exhibit information: If you are presenting exhibits, you should provide the booth builder with all necessary information about them. This includes power and compressed air connections, dimensions, weight, and display preferences (e.g., display case, large graphics, free-standing).
  5. logo files and color concept: to ensure that the booth is uniformly designed, you should provide the booth builder with logo files and color concepts.
  6. budget and, if necessary, deadline for receipt of offer: the budget gives the stand builder an idea of what design options he has, and the deadline for receipt of offer gives him enough time to prepare an offer.

If you provide the booth builder with all the necessary information, he can develop a conceptual design that meets your needs. This will result in an optimal booth design and a successful presence for you at the show.

The concept

The concept of the exhibition stand plays a decisive role in the success of the trade fair presentation. In order to develop a suitable and extravagant concept, the booth builder needs various information from the clients. The basic information from the briefing serves as a basis for the basic layout of the stand as well as the area layout for communication areas and product presentation. An exhibition stand is divided into three levels:

  1. the remote level
  2. the information level and
  3. the communication level

This is where the most important core messages and CI-compliant elements are integrated into the concept. To develop the design, visuals or elements from past trade shows that the client liked can be helpful. In the end, the concept should reflect the client's brand message and CI. Usually, most trade show design agencies offer a free 3D visualization of the initial concept.

Implementation in day-to-day work

Once the design is complete, it's time for implementation. Here, it is important to implement the planning precisely and to coordinate all necessary steps. This includes, for example, coordinating with trade fair companies or service providers who support the trade fair construction, but also coordinating with other departments in the customer's company to ensure smooth implementation of the trade fair presentation.

During the implementation of the project, the project manager always maintains an overview and communicates with all partners and customers involved to ensure that the project is completed on time and according to the customer's expectations. In the end, the goal is to create a perfect trade show appearance that presents the company in the best possible way and is a complete success.

3D renderings and budgeting

During the booth concept implementation phase, the booth construction team works closely with the designers and other partners to develop a unique and innovative design that best showcases the client's products. Technical elements are also taken into consideration to present exhibits in an appealing way.

After fine-tuning the 3D rendering, the client receives a detailed picture of the booth and can still make requests for changes.

Budgeting also plays an important role in trade show construction. Costs can vary greatly depending on the size of the booth and the desired equipment. It is important that the stand builder knows the customer's budget and takes it into account during planning. Here, the booth builder can also suggest alternatives or ways to save money so as not to exceed the client's budget.

Throughout the process, the team is in close contact with the customer to implement customization requests in a timely manner and finally present a customized concept and offer.

The project planning

During the project planning phase, the project team plans and coordinates production steps, deadlines and suppliers. Permits for transport and construction of the trade fair stand are also obtained. Smooth implementation on the day of set-up is the goal. A detailed production plan is drawn up and forms the working basis for all the trades involved. The plan is an important milestone for a successful trade show appearance.

This process takes into account all the important elements of the booth, such as the color and wood decors for furniture and walls, the execution and placement of graphics (such as fabric banners, 3D logos or digital prints), and procedures for machine or exhibit deliveries. Deadlines are set to ensure that all necessary data and information is on site in a timely manner. Furniture selection and the ordering of extras such as flowers or decoration are also discussed.

Our exhibition stand construction agency also assists our clients with technical orders and with the production of individual construction elements and graphics. Our team of logistics and assembly personnel takes care of the timely completion of the stand and is available during the event. After the event, the stand is dismantled, exhibits are returned and the remaining components are disposed of.

Careful project planning forms the basis for a successful trade fair appearance. With our experienced team and professional planning, we ensure that every step is implemented smoothly and on time.

Follow Up and Conclusion

The daily tasks in trade fair construction are manifold and require a high degree of coordination and planning. Careful preparation and precise planning are essential to ensure a successful trade show appearance. The booth builder must not only have a good sense of design and aesthetics, but also technical knowledge and an understanding of trade show procedures. Close cooperation with the customer and other partners is essential here in order to optimally tailor the trade fair stand to the customer's needs and achieve a perfect result.

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