This is what defines the trade fair concept of the future

Trade fairs are among the oldest events in the world. Already in the Middle Ages they brought people from different countries together. This basic concept has been preserved to this day and yet it is subject to constant change. Today, trade fair locations must have a variety of technical and logistical qualities. The industry is changing and is looking for the concepts of the future - away from the traditional exhibition towards a trade fair experience with added value and a club feeling.

The desire for exchange remains

One thing is clear: people want a personal exchange. They long to get in touch personally - since Corona has influenced our lives in such a way that it has been even more intense than before. This can be seen as an opportunity in the trade fair concept: more experience is the motto. Because it is the direct, haptic and personal experience on site that, in contrast to pure information, cannot be compensated for by digital solutions. Only personal exchange offers the opportunity to perceive nuances in communication and to network alongside the clearly defined topics. This closeness and commitment of interpersonal contact has gained in importance today. More exclusivity with top-class speakers can become a recipe for success.

The trade fair as a comprehensive trade fair hub

At the same time, thanks to technical solutions such as video conferences and meetings in virtual space, networking extends far beyond the exhibition halls more than in the past. Hybrid or digital congresses are becoming the norm. A quality network is created that exchanges information digitally. The challenge for companies is to use clever concepts to combine the best of the digital world and the face-to-face trade fair. Exhibitors can, for example, train on-site and digitally on a specific topic and create a high degree of exclusivity for their own target group. Creativity is more important than ever when you are present at a trade fair. It must appeal to all the senses and offer added value that makes the visit worthwhile. Good trade fair partners can master this balancing act - digitally en vogue and still be interesting in presence - together with the exhibitor.

More comfort when visiting the trade fair

The whole world is in a concentration process. Services and products are being marketed by fewer and fewer large providers. As a result, trade fair locations are increasingly in competition. "Convenience" for trade fair visitors is therefore becoming an increasingly important factor. Good arrival and departure concepts, short waiting times at admission and sufficient available parking spaces are some of the points with which trade fairs can score points. Exhibitors should think further about this development: the trade fair visit as a complete package, to make it easier for your own target group to use the valuable travel time optimally - such an approach conveys that the visit is not taken for granted and that the exhibitor thinks along to make it particularly worthwhile. In times of climate change, the reduction of one's own CO2 footprint is an important image factor for trade fair locations and the events taking place there. Exhibitors can also take this up in their appearances.

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