Bunny Nature

"Brand Relaunch: Fresh, inviting, and well-structured."

Project Management: Jennifer Gangolf

Bunny Nature is a company, founded out of love for animals. The goal was and still is to produce the optimal, healthy food for small mammals that exactly corresponds to their natural habitat and needs. At Interzoo in Nuremberg, the world's largest trade fair for pet supplies, Bunny Nature presented its innovative product range. Participating in the fair offered an excellent opportunity to further strengthen the brand and establish new business contacts. Presenting all products and product innovations uniformly, yet also individually, was our challenge.

The four large white product pedestals were highlighted by the four glowing ceiling cubes and presented along the visitor walkway. In doing so, we fulfilled the customer's wish to position old and new products individually and in a new way. For this, we closely coordinated with Bunny Nature.

The goal was a relaunch of the brand. The desire was: A new, fresh look that appears friendly, modern, and sustainable. To also implement the sustainability concept, the complete customer graphics – which spanned the entire trade fair walls like a canvas – were printed on reusable fabrics. The textile-covered walls also contributed to a high-quality appearance.

We visually separated the product and meeting areas by laying two different floors. To provide customers and interested parties with sufficient space, we fulfilled the wish for a spacious meeting area. By building over with two integrated product shelves and a backlit banner, we created the opportunity to conduct conversations somewhat shielded from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair and, at the same time, provided additional exhibition space for Bunny Nature's product variety. A booth cabin and a catering counter with bright, modern furniture in an industrial look rounded off the trade fair stand.

Conclusion: A modern-designed trade fair stand that stood out with glowing ceiling cubes and textile-covered walls, offered plenty of space for the product variety, and presented the brand as friendly, modern, and sustainable, thus highlighting the company's values.

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