Children's Shoes Penschek

"Some products speak directly to the human soul. We want to support that."

Project Manager Children's Shoes Penschek: Alexander Frohnert

Store design is less spectacular than exhibition design because it has to meet different requirements in stationary retail. There is a regular customer base that is not seeking maximum stimulation, but rather a place of calm and attention. And in the case of the long-established Duisburg children's shoe store Penschek, it was important to consider that both parents and children should feel comfortable.

The old shoe store of the family business had become too small, and there was sometimes overcrowding. This did not meet customer expectations because at Penschek, the trained sales staff takes care of the children's feet, provides detailed advice, and offers only good quality branded products. When a women's shoe store became available in a good shopping location, there was an opportunity to support the service experience at Penschek with appropriate furnishings, to offer customers a pleasant time, and to make the emotional topic of children's health tangible in the design.

We gutted the entire shoe store, removed walls, renewed the stairs, and ensured clear structuring and clarity. To avoid the atmosphere becoming too sterile, an element had to be created that dominated the space, was practical to use, and combined a feel-good atmosphere with a positive message.

So we built a large octagon with seating for trying on shoes in the center of the room, with a stylized tree made of wooden elements reaching up to the ceiling. The tree model was made of ribs and therefore had a slightly different character from every angle. This allowed us to playfully combine naturalness and style and symbolize a certain sense of protection as well - the tree had a calming effect.

We supplemented the room-filling solitaire with exhibition pedestals, an inviting counter, and a spacious play area. It is no wonder that the new ambiance was enthusiastically received by both parents and children.

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