Did you search for "trade show booth construction"? Then forgive us for being more than that: We're your trade show partner from concept to finished exhibit - and beyond.

Individual Trade Show Exhibits

We provide what your customers have never experienced: be it floor-to-ceiling LED walls, cool liquid wallpaper or sugar-sweet booths. Huge replicas of products floating in space. Theme-related exhibits like those in an amusement park. Whatever it may be that elicits an emotional response. After all, you want to start a conversation with visitors. Our philosophy: Even in a loud, colorful, bustling hall, passers-by should fall for your exhibit at first sight.

Group Exhibits

Company groups, regional authorities, associations and educational institutions often approach us as a group. A high quality exhibit in a uniform design with shared spaces provides a communicative environment. Group members present themselves under one roof. We ensure that they are presented harmoniously in the overall image and, if desired, provide them customized modules and services that can be booked separately.


What do you need? And what do you have to bring with you? What exactly do you do? Have you booked a head location, a corner spot, an island? How open should it to be? Do you need a lounge, catering, meeting rooms? What technology is necessary? Question after question that we ask and answer together - always on the lookout for creative solutions. The result is a complete concept for a trade show exhibit.


Unconditional creativity yet completely down-to-earth – a perfect combination. With us, you get planning with a strict focus on your requirements and maximum flexibility within your specifications.

From idea to implementation

An initial design of a cost-effective and inspiring exhibit emerges step by step. Then it's time to fit the image to reality in detail.


We achieve a finely tuned balance with visual design: On the one hand, the exhibit should radiate your esprit and effectively attract interest in your company. On the other, every detail must fit your self-perception and your image.

We have a permanent staff of highly qualified designers and graphic artists who can accurately turn a concept into reality.

Project Preparation

Our project management team goes into high gear as the date of a trade show approaches. Our experienced managers know what's important and are available as your personal contacts. We coordinate the necessary work and brief contractors on their tasks.

A well-planned, binding project plan leaves no room for ambiguity. This is the basis for providing detailed information on the progress of your project at all times. And we always leave time for detailed consultation and the coordination of suggestions that may arise during a project.


We respect our partners in the construction of trade show exhibits not only for their reliability, but also for their ingenuity in the realization of our ideas. They experiment with surfaces and materials in order to achieve desired effects. In some cases they conceive things in a completely novel way in order to master challenges. And their work is precise: every millimeter of foil, print and flooring is exactly where it should be. A consistent overall image can only be built on such a basis.


The visible part of our joint project is the on-site assembly of an exhibit. With our decades of experience in construction of trade show exhibits we know exactly what matters, can respond quickly and can fulfill our promises to a T.
Modifications are often necessary on short notice during the assembly phase. We know this and we can deal with it just as confidently as our construction partners can. The promises we make, we keep.

On-site support

We consign the completed exhibit to you personally after inspection and approval - fully assembled and meticulously prepared. We are on hand for any final details. Our construction team provides support for the duration of the show and is available at all times to answer technical questions and make any necessary improvements or cosmetic repairs.

We respond immediately
Unexpected problems?
We take care of them quickly, discretely and effectively.

We are always available
One of our experts is always available,
even during the trade show.

We make anything possible
Do you have any impromptu wishes, modifications or needs?
Just give us a call.


Our work doesn’t end when the trade show closes. We dismantle the exhibit, provide professional and environmentally sound disposal of materials and – depending on the contract – either put the exhibit in storage with our business partners or hand it over to you. It’s very important to us that your exhibit leaves a bigger impression on your customers than it does on the environment.

Prepared for any Situation

Would you like to know what we’ve achieved with previous clients? There’s nothing we would rather tell you.


We can build props for you that are so realistic you’ll be amazed. Dummy construction is one of our special strengths and includes backdrops, background images, replicas and custom pieces. These are your invitations to visitors to enter your world.

A winter scene for an in-house exhibit, a product enlarged fifty-fold, an object with artful design - the possibilities are limited only by our imagination. And in our case, that of course means that there are no limits at all!

Hygiene Concepts

Social distancing, air filtration, disinfection, ozone devices, vaccination IDs, routing of visitors? Until recently these are terms that you would probably only popped up on your radar screen for very special trade shows. We have long been familiar with the strictest hygiene standards from our own experience, for example, at trade shows in the food sector.

Because Corona has been with us for so long, the development of hygiene concepts has become an overall consideration for our planning of exhibits - and we adapt exhibits to fit the context of each trade show. Health comes first, especially for your customers and your team!

Are you already inspired?
We’re already curious.
That makes a good fit.


We know that sustainability is not a straightforward task in the trade show business. But that's no reason not to do everything we can to keep our climate and environmental footprint as small as possible.

We are already minimizing transport routes and emissions through a decentralized trade show construction concept. And we pay close attention to reusability and recycling. We also have experience with completely biodegradable material.

Hybrid Trade Show Concepts

The combination of live presence with virtual presentation can be achieved in a number of ways, whether with virtual reality in the trade fair exhibit, a live stream, or the organization of an online meeting from a  booth at the trade fair. A supplemental digital exhibit that remains accessible after opening hours can also be useful to reach those who couldn’t attend the show. This makes it possible to avoid limitations and exploit your full potential.

Virtual Trade Show

The Corona crisis has given a big boost to presence at virtual trade shows. In fact, online presence offers interesting presentation opportunities – from image films and theme films to making appointments and VIP areas to animations and virtual tours. Every concept can be implemented virtually in an appealing “Look & Feel”.

Where you can find us...

We build exhibits throughout Germany and, if you wish, across Europe and all over the world. Many of the leading trade shows in Germany are within easy reach of our company location in Ratingen: the Messe Köln, the Messe Düsseldorf, the Messe Frankfurt und the Messe Essen to name a few. But our range is not limited: We are also busy in Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Hanover, Hamburg and other cities with trade shows. And if you want to target foreign trade shows, we can design and organize your presence in Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Vienna, Valencia, Bologna, Monaco, Bern and many other cities.

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