Sales worlds are fascinating – if they are designed to meet customers’ needs. We make sure that furnishings and furniture build a perfect link between your company, your customers and your products and services.

Point of Sale Design

“Selling”? That always sounds a bit profane. We look at it this way: Customers should feel comfortable in your sales environment, they should have a pleasing tactile experience. Whether in a bakery, a jewelry or fashion store, a display room for furniture or cars. Restaurants, law firms, medical practices and even offices are meeting places that can promote and strengthen purchasing decisions.

Fascinating Ideas for Your Presentation. Meticulous Management for Your Success.

Retail Trade

Shoe stores or jewelry stores, creative fashion labels or fine foods, furniture stores or home decor shops – they all have one thing in common: the presentation of their goods is as important as the overall atmosphere. We build counters, shelves, presentation islands, whole tasting rooms or separate areas for special offers.

Further Information

We pay close attention to your target groups, their preferences and the taste that suits your social milieu as well as your business messages and philosophy. So we literally bring color into the picture. We are free of outside requirements, do not have to resort to stock and can design according to your wishes.

Gastronomy Interiors

Hardly any branch of the economy has changed as much as the hospitality industry. A consistent concept with a well-designed ambience tailored to reach a clearly defined target group will always succeed – even in times of crisis. With us you have a partner who can implement such a design down to the last detail.

Further Information

Inconsistency is not what we look for. We’re here to help you provide your guests with an experience – something that is much more than a hotel, restaurant or club event. We not only have experience in trade show and shop construction, but also enhance appearances with unusual ideas, giving you every opportunity to stand out from run-of-the-mill designs and highlight your uniqueness.


The showroom is the greatest challenge in storefitting. That’s because customers often get their first impression there and make their purchase decision later. For us, this means that an image must remain in the mind for as long and as positively as possible to have an effect.

Since very high-quality products are often displayed, we enhance their appearance with a setting of the same high quality. Your customers should be approached holistically and led into a consistent universe.


What we achieve on a large scale can also be achieved on a small scale. A user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing display or a high-quality sales exhibit enhances any item, draws attention to certain features and even has a positive influence on the entire atmosphere of office and business premises.

To achieve such effects by combining the possibilities of attractive showroom designs with those that include integrated screens. Self-explanatory information that is easily accessible can do more than reinforce purchasing decisions; it can also provide background information, underscore a company’s image and provide orientation.

Dummy Construction

Your customers enter your world to be surprised and maybe even overwhelmed. This requires a feeling of immersion, of entering into a world of its own. Life-size, hyperrealistic replicas of products, mascots or advertising figures turn your rooms into a unique world that can be grasped intuitively.

Dummy Production

We produce dummies to be realistic and very precise. Furthermore, details in the background decoration transmit your imagery and your look and feel; or create a magic world as if it were behind a mirror, entrancing your customers.

We build connections

Reduce to the max or go full throttle - Your decor is always a sales tool

Practice Design

In a doctor's office, at the physiotherapist, alternative practitioner or osteopath, a friendly, spacious and warm atmosphere can have a positive influence on patients' well-being. Above all, the reception area conveys – consciously and subconsciously – a compelling image of what can be expected from a treatment and whether a patient is in good hands. That's why an appealing design is also worthwhile for well-known experts in a field: it’s balm for the soul.

Office Design

While it’s obvious that a considerable amount of customer traffic can be expected in shops, this also the case for insurance agencies, brokerage offices, job agencies or property managers. Ultimately, however, almost every company has customer appointments in its own office and meeting rooms. And customers stay there long and intensively. All of these are excellent opportunities to make a good impression. And of course, people who embody the spirit of the company also work here. In view of the bare functionality of many existing rooms, even selected accents can achieve a considerable effect and at the same time increase the well-being of customers and their own employees.

Art Shows

One challenge that we approach with particular care is the display of art. Precisely because we place no bounds on our creativity, we have respect for art and works of art. Uniqueness is our impetus – and art calls for it in full. Our role is not to show our own uniqueness, but to present art and art objects in a respectful and appropriate manner; for example, at art exhibits and in galleries. That can be an art in itself. In the case of performance art we give the eye something it can focus on. We develop and design props and backdrops that fit a performance.

Hygiene In-Store Construction

The topic of hygiene will affect retailers for some time to come. So it’s good if you’re prepared and have already taken measures that reflect the current corona measures. These may not be attractive – but they can be integrated discretely into a shopping experience. Based on our experience in the trade show business, we know how to integrate registration, testing and customer management easily into a shopping experience, even in brick-and-mortar retail. Air-cleaning devices working unseen in the background; elegant design to ensure distancing and disinfection measures that combine user-friendliness and nudging elements without warning signs and rules.

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